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The How-R-you project has created a mobile app that enables continuous and automated follow-up on diseases. Initial tests included leukemia, arthritis and anesthesia. Mobile app, sensor devices and instant data analysis has in the How-R-you project proven to be feasible PRO instruments. By constructing relevant PRO questions within this environment data is collected to improve treatments. Successful technology adoption is identified to require that functionality must be attractive to patients as well as clinicians.

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Internet of things - a prototype demonstration See a video that demonstrates an IoT prototype with real time communication between iPad controller and IoT electronic devices. The demonstration shows data flow from electronic sensors to iPad and data flow from iPad to electronic actuators. The prototype has been made as part of a research project done at Business Ac...]]> (Morten Mathiasen) Research Wed, 11 May 2016 05:23:24 +0000 Wearables change human capabilities Wearables change human way of living. Technology extends humans cognitive and physical capabilities. Today we are already wearing smart phones that allow us to communicate with computers and other humans all the times and from any place. Bracelets can measure blood pressure, pulse and physical activity. When phone and bracelet technol...]]> (Morten Mathiasen) Research Fri, 30 Oct 2015 11:21:15 +0000 Internet of things misses the human target Internet of things has not yet full-filled its announced potential. Until now Internet of things has focused on technology rather than human needs. This article suggests that human needs should drive the development of Internet of things.Business perspectives Internet of things is predicted to impact our lives in a way that will be a maj...]]> (Morten Mathiasen) Research Sun, 18 Oct 2015 09:46:22 +0000 Scarecrows on the internet

Students and teachers at Business Academy Aarhus connect scarecrows to the internet. Remote access to scarecrows improves efficiency and saves man hours.

‚ÄčBusiness Academy Aarhus and Wildlife Communication Technologies ApS collaborates to connect to scarecrows remotely. The solution is that scarecrows are connected to mobile network and thereby full control of scarecrows is made available remotely.

Statistical information about scarecrows is uploaded to data servers. From there scarecrow owners and technicians can overview efficiency and bird activity around the scarecrows. Data access is available from desktop computers and mobile phones.

Scarecrow owners follows the scarecrow efficiency and bird activity from mobile phones. Thereby, scarecrow owners get valuable information to select the best spot for the scarecrow.

Technicians connects remotely to scarecrows to follow the technical situation inside the scarecrow. The scarecrow is configured to identify and scare the birds in the particular area around the scarecrow.

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Farmer satisfied by Google Glass

A Google glass application for agri culture has been created and the results are that farmers can benefit from the wearable Google Glass technology. Farmers that have tested Google Glass wants to buy them when the product is mature and the price isn't too high. 

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