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Scarecrows on the internet

Scarecrows on the internet

Students and teachers at Business Academy Aarhus connect scarecrows to the internet. Remote access to scarecrows improves efficiency and saves man hours.

Business Academy Aarhus and Wildlife Communication Technologies ApS collaborates to connect to scarecrows remotely. The solution is that scarecrows are connected to mobile network and thereby full control of scarecrows is made available remotely.

Statistical information about scarecrows is uploaded to data servers. From there scarecrow owners and technicians can overview efficiency and bird activity around the scarecrows. Data access is available from desktop computers and mobile phones.

Scarecrow owners follows the scarecrow efficiency and bird activity from mobile phones. Thereby, scarecrow owners get valuable information to select the best spot for the scarecrow.

Technicians connects remotely to scarecrows to follow the technical situation inside the scarecrow. The scarecrow is configured to identify and scare the birds in the particular area around the scarecrow.

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Monday, 21 October 2019